Somewhere in Kansas, Frank Harvey Jacobs operates the Middle O’America Motel and dreams of opening a club where he’ll sing his country songs. His wife Helen is disparaging, so when a scheming chanteuse is dumped by her loutish husband on Frank’s front door, Frank is bewitched. In short order, though, the visitor (Julie) has dispatched Helen, set in motion a con for Frank’s money, called her husband to come get her, and taken Frank’s army buddy (just arrived for a visit) into the bathtub for some fun. Soon Frank is in over his head, just as Helen’s twin sister comes for a visit and Julie’s husband arrives looking for his wife. Is there any way out of this situation (and out of Kansas) for Frank?
Dead Simple is also known as Viva Las Nowhere.
Director: Jason Bloom
Writers: Richard Uhlig, Steve Seitz
Executive Producers: Elie Samaha, Andrew Stevens, Kevin DeWalt
Producers: Demitri Samaha, Tracee Stanley, Josh Miller
Co-Producers: Mark McGarry, Roma Ruth
Associate Producer: Erik Anderson
Line Producers: Tom Karnowski, Rhonda Baker
Cast: Daniel Stern, Patricia Richardson, James Caan