Without Malice is an action-thriller set in the magnificent Canadian wilderness. To please his fiancée, a self-centered plastic surgeon takes his brother-in-law-to-be, an ex-con and recovering addict, to a remote northern location to hunt elk.
Paul, the arrogant doctor, and Marty, a former junkie, are from two different worlds, and are in conflict from the moment they arrive. In their first outing, the two encounter a bear, and to save Marty’s life, Paul grazes the animal, then to protect them both, fires what he believes to be the fatal shot. When they discover that, by accident, they have killed a park officer, the two men launch an ill-fated coverup. Investigating the homicide is Park Warden Sam Wilkes, whose ability to study nature – in particular, human nature – leads her through the deep woods to solve the murder mystery, and discover the truth.
Director: Rob King
Writer: Peter Layton
Executive Producers: Kevin DeWalt, Susan Cooper
Producers: Kevin DeWalt, Rhonda Baker
Associate Producer: Tony Towstego
Cast: Craig Sheffer, Jennifer Beals, Corey Haim, Gabrielle Anwar