My Global Adventure


My Global Adventure is a new concept in reality-based entertainment. An interactive website and 26-part half-hour documentary television series documents one person’s worldwide tour to 24 countries on six continents within eight months: both feature a real person on a real life experience, engaging in the ultimate adventure of round the world travel, extreme physical challenges, as well as encountering cultural, historical and emotional events. Her ultimate adventure will be captured by an accompanying crew and documented for internet and television broadcast.

The adventurer is Asia Nelson, whose personal journey is the central focus of the website and TV series, and is reflected in her daily journal entries on the internet site. The audience becomes an active participant in her trials and tribulations… even offering ideas, observations and advice on the website. This interactivity, coupled with on-line streaming video footage from the field, makes My Global Adventure a one-of-a-kind web/TV entertainment vehicle

Series | 26x26min