The Lost Daughter


The Lost Daughter is the story of a father’s attempt to find his daughter after she becomes entangled in a religious sect and eventually disappears. Richard Chamberlain (Shogun, The Thornbirds, The Bourne Identity), stars as Andrew McCracken and Claire Sims (The Marked Man, Sirens) plays the role of his daughter Laurie. Susanna Simon (Wolff Revier) is Catherine, Laurie’s friend and former roommate who aids McCracken in his search; Helmut Griem (The Damned, Caberet) is Rolf Sutter, Laurie’s uncle and the man responsible for introducing her to the sect; and Christoph Ohrt (Eurocops, Jacob) stars as the charismatic sect leader, Bernard Sicard. The Lost Daughter is a fictional story, and while it is inspired by actual incidents, it is not a portrayal of any actual persons or events.

A co-production of Condor Films of Zurich and Minds Eye Entertainment of Regina, The Lost Daughter is directed by French-Canadian Roger Cardinal (Malarek, Rene Levesque) and written by Peter Palliser (Circle of Deceit, In the Name of the Queen).

The top-rated four-hour television mini-series was broadcast on Germany’s SAT.1 and CTV in Canada.

Miniseries | 2x120min