Directed by Gemini Award winning director Anne Wheeler (The Investigation, Better Than Chocolate), Betrayed stars Kari Matchett (Men With Brooms, Power Play) as Judy, a recently divorced young mother who returns to her hometown and her to father Doug(Michael Hogan – Scorn, Marine Life), the town’s water manager. However, Judy’s new job as a nurse’s aid soon plunges her into the horror of a deadly epidemic and she must struggle to uncover its true source – at any cost.

The picture also stars Janet Wright (Corner Gas, The Perfect Storm) as Dr.Fleming and Robert Moloney (Prairie Giant, The Dead Zone) as Doug’s hapless assistant.

Set in the Canadian prairie, Betrayed is the story of a town suffering from an outbreak of severe water contamination. The fictional town under attack stands in for communities next door and around the world. Inspired by events in communities in Canada and abroad, Betrayed focuses on an issue that is becoming increasingly important to people everywhere: the safety of food sources and drinking water.

Betrayed is produced by Saskatchewan-based Minds Eye Entertainment and Barna-Alper Productions of Toronto and was first broadcast on CBC Television in 2003.