The Year Is 2030CE and Teenagers Rule The World!

Welcome to the year 2030 CE (Common Era). Bright with possibility, it is a vibrant new world of employment, clean air and a revitalized emphasis on leisure and recreation. The ‘good life’ is available to all. What more could one want?
Well, maybe to live longer. A mysterious virus called Progressive Aging Syndrome (PAS) is causing certain death by the age of 30. The result is a world where youth rule – as med school grads at 16, elders at 22, the driving age is 12!

This brave new world has been reclaimed under the name Nexes, a corporation formed by governments, business and the scientific community. With no apparent escape from the deadly virus, Nexes’ young medical team are committed to finding a cure-or are they?

United in their suspicion of Nexes, 2030CE centers on the idealistic and handsome Hart, his worldly-wise sister Rome, his best friend Robby and his new ally, the beautiful and enigmatic Jakki. When Hart learns that his genetic makeup will predispose him to the deadly virus, he is determined to discover the cause of the disease and uncover the true intentions behind Nexes’ Orwellian regime.
Ultimately, the rebel foursome find themselves in a race against time – and a race to save their own lives.

In Season Two…
With Hart left in a mysterious condition in season one, season two of 2030CE brings more action packed adventure with the introduction of several new characters. Zeus (Curtis Harrison – MTV’s Undressed), a leather-clad, rogue agent with a dark past joins Rome, Jakki and Robby in their battle against Dr. Rich as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind Hart’s strange condition and rescue him from Nexes’ devious plans.

Throughout season two, our group of teen anti-heroes will join forces with the Storm rebellion in their quest to topple the oppressive Nexes empire while the genetically perfect decide to wage their own war against the normals in a bid for supremacy.

Series | 26x30min